Etrav API Integration: It’s Travel Services & Features

A Flight API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of protocols and tools that allows software applications to communicate with airline reservation systems and retrieve information related to flights. These APIs are provided by airlines, global distribution systems (GDS), and third-party travel technology companies.

helloGTX partners with Etrav for Flight API Integration. Flight APIs are commonly used by online travel agencies (OTAs), airlines, travel management companies, and travel-related websites and mobile apps to offer flight booking and information services to their customers. These APIs can be integrated into various platforms, including websites, mobile apps, and backend systems, to enhance the user experience and streamline the flight booking process.

When working with Flight APIs, developers typically need to obtain API keys or credentials from the API provider, follow the API’s documentation for making requests and handling responses, and ensure compliance with any usage restrictions or pricing models specified by the API provider.

Flight API Features

Flight APIs offer a wide range of features and data that can be leveraged by developers, travel agencies, airlines, and other organizations to enhance their flight-related services.

Here are some common features and data provided by Flight APIs:

1. Flight Search and Availability: Search for flights between specified cities or airports. Check flight availability for specific dates and times. Filter search results by airline, price, departure/arrival times, and more.

2. Flight Booking: Enable users to book flights directly through your application. Provide a seamless booking process, including seat selection and payment.

3. Pricing and Fare Information: Retrieve fare information for different classes of seats. Access detailed fare rules and restrictions.

4. Flight Details: Retrieve detailed information about specific flights, including departure and arrival times, flight duration, and layovers. Get information about the aircraft type and cabin configuration.

5. Flight Status: Offer real-time flight status updates, including delays, cancellations, gate changes, and estimated arrival times. Provide historical flight status data.

6. Airport Information: Access information about airports, including terminal maps, services, facilities, and transportation options. Display airport weather conditions and local time.

7. Seat Availability and Selection: Check seat availability on specific flights and choose seats during the booking process.

8. Check-In Services: Allow users to check in for their flights online. Provide boarding pass generation and mobile check-in options.

9. Baggage Information: Retrieve information about baggage allowances, fees, and policies for specific airlines. Offer guidance on packing and baggage rules.

10. Booking Management: Enable users to manage and modify their existing flight reservations, including changing flights, dates, or passengers. Process cancellations and refunds.

11. Travel Itinerary: Provide users with a detailed travel itinerary, including flight details, booking references, and e-tickets. Send booking confirmation and reminders.

12. Ancillary Services: Offer ancillary services such as in-flight meals, extra baggage, and seat upgrades. Display prices and availability for these services.

13. Multi-City and Round-Trip Booking: Support complex itineraries, including multi-city and round-trip bookings. Calculate and display total trip costs.

14. Booking Confirmation and E-Tickets: Send booking confirmation emails or SMS messages. Generate and deliver e-tickets to users.

15. Geolocation and Airport Selection: Use geolocation to suggest nearby airports and travel options. Help users select the most convenient departure and arrival points.

16. Travel Advisories and Alerts: Provide travel advisories, safety information, and alerts related to specific destinations. Notify users of travel disruptions or changes.

17. Integration with Payment Gateways: Support secure payment processing for flight bookings.

18. Reporting and Analytics: Track booking trends, user behavior, and revenue through reporting and analytics tools.

19. Multi-Language and Multi-Currency Support: Offer services in multiple languages and currencies to cater to a global audience.

20. Customization and Branding: Customize the user interface and branding to match your application’s look and feel.

These features can vary depending on the specific Flight API provider and their offerings. Why not check out Etrav API Integration??

helloGTX for Etrav Flight API Integration

Etrav API Integration

Etrav operates as a B2B Travel Technology platform. As a technology-centric company, it prioritizes automation to streamline the booking process for agents.

It offers a comprehensive range of services like white label solutions, flights, hotel bookings, holiday packages, bus bookings, and visa services. It has its B2B network spread across India, as well as South-East Asia, the Gulf and America.

1. Etrav’s Flight API provides access to the data required for crafting a cutting-edge website. Discover the most competitive fare rates and exclusive deals here.

2. The Hotel API Integration is a web-based service that offers customers to search and book hotels around the world.

3. Explore and book a diverse selection of holiday packages at the most competitive prices.

4. With Etrav’s automated bus booking API, you can easily check seat availability, providing you with real-time access.

Etrav’s Travel Services

White label travel Portal: Allows businesses to provide a comprehensive online travel booking experience to their customers without having to develop a booking system from scratch.

1. B2B travel Portal: Designed to streamline and enhance the process of sourcing, selling, and managing travel products and services for businesses.

2. Flights API: Its API provides direct access to the data necessary for creating a cutting-edge website, offering the best fare rates and exclusive deals available.”

3. Hotel API: The Hotel API functions as a web service that enables online searching and booking of hotels on a global scale.

4. Bus API: Through Etrav’s automated bus booking API, you can check seat availability and enjoy real-time interaction with its integrated database services.

5. Holiday Packages & Visa: Discover a wide selection of holiday packages at the best prices, all effortlessly available exclusively on Etrav.

Etrav Flight API Features

With Etrav’s Flight API Integration, you gain access to a range of advantages, including global market reach, single window interface, swift and convenient connectivity, streamlined bulk booking for flight tickets, and access to the most affordable fares. Additionally, Etrav offers its valued agents the highest commissions and 24/7 customer support.

Its features include:

1. Single Window Interface

2. Real-time data

3. Global Airline’s Inventory

4. Best Fare Rate

5. Earn High commission

6. Easy flight booking


When choosing a Flight API for integration, consider the needs of your users and the capabilities of the API to ensure that it aligns with your application’s objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Which Flight API Integration to choose to set up a Flight Booking Engine?

Etrav Flight API Integration

2. Which Flight API Integration partner to choose?

helloGTX for Etrav Flight API Integration

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