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Fully Featured B2B Travel Portal & Website Development Solutions

One of a kind Travel Booking Portal for B2B. It’s Smarter, Simplified, and Sensible and that’s why it’s an ideal solution for your business. For every modern travel business, there’s always the need for something fast, that ensures rapid growth and is super efficient. For every such business, there’s helloGTX B2B Travel Portal Development Company. The answer that you’ve been looking for all your needs is finally here. Say ‘hello’ to helloGTX and partner with us for guaranteed success in every step you take to elevate on this journey ahead.

HelloGTX B2B Travel Booking Portal: Experience the Power of SSS in Travel Reservation and Complete Management.

“Smart Reservation, Sensible Management, Simplified Process is Now Just A Click Away.”

helloGTX is one of the pioneers in B2B Travel Development Company in India and we believe in bringing the best to our clients and enable them to serve efficiently to their customers. ‘helloGTX’ a product of Catabatic Technology Pvt. Ltd., is equipped the best of travel businesses around with not just right kind of tools but also with requisite business insights and marketing strategies. Right Pricing and inventory is also very important and we do that as well with utmost brilliance to make your travel business shine at its best.

The services that we provide through scalable and robust platforms are equipped and enriched with intelligent and highly advanced web technologies. Not just this, we offer brilliant technological innovations with a flexible and impressively easy to use user interface. The admin panels that we create enables the system to upload details in an impressive manner on the site. Undoubtedly, helloGTX is the revolution that you’ve been looking for when it comes to B2B Travel Website Development and B2B Travel Portal Development and booking flights, hotels, buses, cars, travel agents and B2B business operators to book best deals at incredible prices has never been so seamless before than this.

How you can build Fully Featured B2B Travel Portal & Website Development Solutions with helloGTX

helloGTX B2B Travel Portal is the one stop solution for all your vital travel products that are being made available to the travellers, arrangers and travel managers. We have got in store some of the viable, most trusted and sophisticated tools and technologies to deliver highest possible customer and business value that generates lucrative returns for your business in the longer run.

What we offer

There’s a lot to expect and ask for when it comes to helloGTX B2B Travel Portal.

  • B2B White label Portal: A White Label Travel Portal enables you to get connected with other travel agents from your network and facilitate the travel bookings on discounted B2B Prices on the portal itself by using their separate login access which somehow collects and collates the information of flights, hotels, cars, Packages to other global B2B clients to enable them to make the desirable booking online on their own. Sounds confusing. Right? Well, that’s what helloGTX helps you with, it simplifies this complex process of building B2B White label Portal so that you can navigate through this entire process without going haywire
  • Integration of B2B Travel Portal Software: This software helps in booking the best deals on domestic and international flights online without any hassles. With this software, you can easily choose the source, destination along with the date of travel that will help you to get all the details, and desirable results you need in regards to the flight you’re booking. With helloGTX exclusive Travel Portal Software, all you need is to choose the right flight and you’ll be able to book the seat for you and your friends with just a simple click on software.
  • A white label travel website: This is an online booking portal which is created by us to facilitate travel agents to sell hotels, flights, holidays, car and other travel products to their clients and customers online simply and quickly without any hassles.
  • B2B Booking Engine: This engine is created with cutting edge advanced technology and years of industry knowledge so that you get the best and the desired outcome for all your travelling purposes. It allows travelling partners to make required reservations as per their requirements for hotels, transfers, sightseeing, car rental online for worldwide destinations.
  • B2B Tour operator software: This software is a web based travel software for everyone including be it vendors, agents, partners and more importantly, for customers to facilitate the access of the system and handle their bookings. It’s a smart tour software which allows all the travel agents to access this software from any available interface. This a brilliant software to improve your sales, empower growth and enhance the value of your business by accelerating the market process that yields to higher engagement and returns. Augment your business and bolster your growth with this intuitive and highly intelligent software skilfully designed to bring more efficacy to your business
  • Online Travel Agency Software: A web based travel reservation system which enables B2B to make bookings for travel deals online by making the optimised use of end users which includes B2C & Travel Agents. This also helps travel companies to process flight booking, hotel booking, car booking, transfer booking, sightseeing booking and other hospitality related pursuits can be wonderfully achieved with helloGTX skilfully designed online Travel Agency Software.

Benefits of our B2B Module

Trust us. We have got plenty of them to turn your travel business into something truly astounding.

  • Range of features for our retail and corporate customers relevant to their specific business needs
  • For travel agents, B2B Software Operators, Tour Operators, B2B Travel wholesalers, destination management companies, and travel consolidators to meet their own company’s needs and brand domains
  • Multi-language support, multi-currency support, and interactive user interface
  • Control over mark-ups and commissions
  • Simple, effective, and flexible options that allows you to activate, and deactivate users, agents, and suppliers
  • Reliable security features
  • Automatic booking confirmation and updates
  • User friendly GUI Interfaces
  • Real time access to online bookings and availability of stocks
  • Attractive domain and brilliant UX Copy and content


When you choose helloGTX, You don’t just get incredible deals but a B2B Travel Portal which is Smart, Intuitive, Interactive, seamless, Sensible, Simplified and customized to your business’ goals and specifications and expectations. With us, you can create customised search options, booking options, website templates, layouts, designing etc. In addition to this, you get seasoned team of professionals, Graphic designers, UX Writers, Developers, Consultants etc., to guide you and build a panel which represents your travelling brand & business in the best light.