How Travel Companies can automate their B2B business with sub agents?

For Suppliers, Destination management Companies (DMC’s) and Tour operators, managing B2B Sales channels can be challenging. Tracking performance and maximizing B2B revenue while dealing with a large number of resellers or sub-agents spread across globally can be tedious task.

The travel CRM software can organize the entire process of different activities and upcoming bookings. Travel CRM allows you to simplify your marketing tasks and generates maximum number of bookings.

A sophisticated Technological solution with strong channel management capabilities like helloGTX is something that can help you automate majority of the functions in the processes involved in the same.

The B2B module with helloGTX helps companies manage sub-agents and employee participation efficiently.

The Benefits of Using Such a CRM System are as Follows:

Pricing & Revenue Management:

The B2B module provides suppliers, operators and DMC’s with the technology to effectively manage and communicate data regarding products pricing, mark ups, commissions, exceptions etc to sub-agents.

It also provides the master agent or the providers the capability to classify the sub-agents into different categories and allocate them different sets of mark ups. This is particularly helpful to companies with a large number od B2B agents.

The module comes with an itinerary builder which make sit possible for your affiliates to design or develop their own packages base on the end customer requirements, without any human interaction.

Co-Branding & Private Labelling:

The module also offers clients the possibility of providing their sub agents with co-branding or private labelling This helps companies empower their sub agents for quicker and more effective sales processes. Sub agents are also provided with the possibility of entering their own mark ups.

Affiliates will also be able to issue vouchers to their end customers and will be provided customizable templates to be able to add on or edit details as required.

Reduce Expenses and Human Resource Requirement:

helloGTX while automating your B2B Channel Sales processes helps companies reduce overall expenses by a huge margin. The requirement for human resources can drop by up to 80% if implemented correctly. This is a benefit that cannot be ignored and can help an organisation tilt the financial strategies in their favors.

Privacy & User Role Management:

Role based access and privacy controls for various user roles like agents, sub-agents, employees, corporate users, branch operators etc makes for the perfect backbone to automate your B2B processes and still uphold the security and privacy required.

Reports & Analytics:

Reporting and tracking within the system helps the management compile different sets of data into useful table and visual formats to be useful when making important decisions or classifying affiliates or to maximise your B2B revenue.

All in all, helloGTX is the perfect end to end solution that you are looking for, to help you in automating your B2B agent Sales.

Looking for a solution to manage your B2B Channel Sales? Switch to helloGTX right now.

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