It’s golden time to grow your travel business. Take Pride in What you DO !

“We are in the business of tour and travel’. The greatest challenges we face in our business are the technology, OTA’s and the kind of choices available to the customer on internet.

I think, this business is at the end of its life now. Technology is changing so fast that it’s almost impossible to keep pace. Don’t you see how KODAK company in the domain of providing cameras went bankrupt since phones started providing better cameras with great quality. I think times are tough and we are not in the right business anymore.”

How many times have you heard of such talks or furthermore been a part of this? What do you think is the real problem? Is the business or industry really sinking? Why cannot this person see any hope? Why can’t this person grow?

Now, compare the above conversation with the one below:

“The business of tour and travel is becoming even more attractive.

We have been in the business for a long time now our customers truly rely on us specially when a lot of information is available on internet to confuse him. With so many new entrants in this trade, the industry is finally warming up another time. Internet is helping customers to know many unknown destinations and we need not to spent time in educating them about these destinations. Technology is helping us on this. With such rapid advancement of technology, so many new choices, there is a lot more we can now do and offer. I am full of ideas that I have devised from years of experience and with the help of technology we are in a better position to offer personalized services to our clients!

You must have heard of that company that provided cameras and died doing just that as they did not innovate. With the new tech, I am excited at the opportunities before us. I am proud to have been in this industry where I am ready to adopt the technology and grow my travel business, it’s time our customer has realised how much we can do to make their vacations pleasant and comfortable.”

Think about this for a few minutes, what were the key differences in the second statement?

Well, the key difference was a matter of perspective. “It was a matter of Pride.”

Amongst all the mistakes Entrepreneurs committed on the path of scaling up, one that is the most common and the most painful is when they stop having “pride” in what they do and offer to the world in terms of their goods and services.

When there is no pride, self-belief, and conviction, it is natural for self-doubt to creep in. Not having Pride in what you do is like questioning your own existence. It is only when one have a desire to grow, to innovate, to think of new ways to market, to communicate,
to do things in a manner that will make one a favourite to his customers.

Do the 5 following things and gain back your pride

  • Think of your most satisfied customer and recall what made it happen. All you need to do is simply replicate your best practices. Contact
    us for the survey form that will help you to reach you clients.
  • Think of many such people in the world who are yet to experience that kind of a great experience be like.Think for them and try to reach out to them with the help of Technology or some good CRM.
  • Think of the legacy that you can create if you scaled up your work and touched many more lives for that best experience.
  • Think of all the hardships, strife and desperation you have overcome to get to where you are. It has not just been the money, wealth, fame or power you make. It is the ability to overcome all the odds that you mastered. There are so many who you can help grow. Think about that.
  • Value what you have. The grass is never really greener on the other side. Be grateful for what you are and how you can offer more value to your clients. The more you will value, the more you will desire to grow. The less you will value, the less you wish to grow and scale, instead you will end up destroying whatever you are and have.

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Gaurav Kr Gupta

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