10 Ways helloGTX can Benefit Your Travel Business

In the current age of technological development, one cannot ignore the immense effect of Automation on modern businesses. The effect ranges on various aspects like communication with customers, marketing, design and development etc. Travel & Tourism Industry is no exception to this situation.

The new age traveller expects smooth & personalised services. Forward thinking companies have been adapting to the use of modern and future ready technologies to improve their services and also guest experiences.

helloGTX is one such product that has been revolutionizing the eco-system of automated Travel Systems that save companies Time, Money and Human resources..

Having already been adapted by 200+ travel companies globally, we help companies Do More with less.

A Travel Automation System like HelloGTX with it’s implementation can benefit Travel companies in the following manners:

1. Quicker Sales

We at helloGTX understand that Immediacy and Urgency are important for the performance of a Travel business. Our solution helps companies automate & speed up many actions like Itinerary or complex tour designing, third party integrations for live inventories, supplier communication, reservation management and much more.

The ‘Auto-Proposal’ functionality helps companies to respond to client’s queries faster. Similarly, the ‘Supplier Management’ functionality helps you manage your supplier data in one location and also allows to send out enquiries to suppliers with aa click of a button.

‘Email receipts’ along with ‘Automated Status Updates’ help us track the customer’s journey and current status, helping us decide the future course of action in an informed manner.

Centralised and individual To Do lists help sales executives stay updates regarding their pending tasks and also assists Supervisors to stay up to date.

Various different features and possible mode of communications help organizations work toward faster and more efficient sales processes.

2. Higher Sales

‘Automated communications’ helps an organisation generate queries 24*7, as being active only during working hours could result in the loss of many potential queries.

‘Inventory Management’ along with ‘itinerary Builder’ makes it possible to quote faster with more appealing and customised itineraries, hence reducing our customer disposition.

Automated series of replies from within the system helps you make them error free and also help increase Query to Sales conversion rate.

Various other features in helloGTX also aide an organisation to do more sales than usual.

3. Increased Employee Productivity

helloGTX helps streamline every aspect of the process from lead generation to yearly reports.

The helloGTX Automation System helps Travel companies carry out high volume and repetitive tasks quicker and more accurately than humans. It manages loads of communication with prospective clients in the background. Eg: Automated Query mails, Voucher generation, Invoicing, payment reminders etc.

This frees up human resources for meaningful and creative tasks. Being a cloud based system also gives the employees and management the possibility to access it from anywhere and at any time, hence making employees more mobile and flexible.

The possibility to have live key performance indicators on your fingertips through reports and visuals also affect employee performance in a very positive manner.

4. Happier Customers

Automation along with providing customers with greater freedom and mobility through Online & Mobile bookings, live booking capabilities, personalised offers and much more makes for a Happy Customer.

Centralised customer data management helps agents have access to customer’s preferences which can help customise their offers. Along with that automation makes it easier for sales executives to focus on providing customers with better service and also solve problems for effectively.

Payment gateway integrations also make it possible for clients to pay from anywhere and at any time.

helloGTX also offers a Business to Supplier model, also termed as the B2B Agent login. Suppliers can update their descriptions, photos, pricing etc to provide their sub agents with up-to date information through a completely automated sales process. Also, it provides the agents to build their own packages based on the information uploaded by the suppliers.

Various other features can also help you create happy customers in both the B2C & B2B spheres.

5. Efficiency Improvement

Automated communications and sales processes can help sales executives manage more leads and bookings; hence making it possible to do More work with the same staff.

This can either result in more sales through more queries being managed by the same staff or it can mean an expense reduction by less requirement of human resources as the same amount of queries can be managed by the same staff.

An automated accounting module also helps you with invoicing and generating collection and sales reports. It also helps in tracking all invoices and payments. Automated payment reminders and EMI functionality accelerates the process of payment collections.

6. Data segmentation & Retargeted Marketing

The platform provides the opportunity to segment historical customer data based on various parameters like Time of travel or query, destination, age, birthday or anniversary. These segmented lists can be strategically targeted by emailers with query forms that will be integrated with the platform and have the auto proposal functionality embedded in them.

This can help travel companies generate new queries at a fraction of the usual cost compared to other sources like PPC (Pay Per Click), Facebook advertising etc.

7. Data security and centralised documentation

Allows for smoother interaction with customers and suppliers within the system and keeps all sales documentation in one place. Businesses can synchronize communications from their email application with the system and browse through a centralized history of interactions. It speeds up the sales process and lowers the risk of error.

With all your data regarding suppliers, customers and inventory documented on the same platform, it makes for the perfect eco system for smoother interaction wioth all possible parties.

The system also gives the option to store detailed customer data which is under………

8. Error reduction

An automated system like helloGTX helps you reduce errors by preventing repetition of work and data entries. It very dynamically helps use the old data entries to prevent entering again hence reducing possibility of errors and also speeding up processes.

Similarly automated invoicing and voucher creation helps reduce errors and also simplify the processes for both the executives and clients.

9. Smarter Decision and strategies

Reports on business and personnel performance and organizational profitability are readily available for any period of time period. Reports related to the aspects of Sales, marketing, destination, lead sources and much more are available both in table and visual formats for assisting the management in making smart and data-based decisions.

10. Expense reduction

This advantage is self-explanatory through various benefits listed above. Whether it be retargeted marketing, or improving efficiency hence reducing manpower requirements, automating and streamlining processes. An intelligent automation system like helloGTX can help you reduce costs from 20%-70%.

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