How To Generate Quality Travel Leads?

Seldom do phenomena like Covid-19 appear upon mankind. While in the first half of 2020, it tried to wreak havoc in the travel, tourism and hospitality business, the second half looks very promising.

For travel agents, whose businesses seem to have shrunk to new lows, everyone in the industry is looking for a solution. We believe, currently, travel leads carry a priceless potential. But how to generate them in these times? What solution lies ahead for travel agents? Read on to find out a potential solution!

Why Generate Travel Leads Now

This guide will help you understand how you can generate leads without turning to Google and Facebook Ads for buying leads. You are thinking about cost-cutting and with the below example we understand why cost is important.

Lead-Conversion Relationship

When money seems to be slow incoming and all you need to do is conserve the remaining cash, paid customer acquisition becomes a tedious and costly task. In the above figure, we understand what buying leads can do to business. It suggests that an additional cost of INR 3,300 is required for every conversion which is not practical.

The number is figurative of course and the real cost of acquiring a customer can shoot up several times.

However, with economies and lifeline slowly but steadily opening, this is indeed the best time to build travel leads. Many prospective customers are already looking to book leisure holidays – it’s limited but at least enquiries are going on. It is a welcome relief and a positive sign for the resurgence of tourism!

Acquiring Quality Travel Leads

The following time which is the second half of 2020 is one of the best times to start or resume your travel business. We will now understand how to operate with minimal cost during Covid-19 and unlocking your tourism business.

The helloGTX travel CRM is a useful tool in that regard. It not only helps you build leads but has an impressive range of features that when unlocked works wonders in supporting a travel agent’s business.

However, to sort the client list and launch a full-scale effort to bring in new clients should be the utmost priority. And remember, the maximum chance of getting a conversion is from the existing clients. Here are 5 ways to nurture your travel leads:

1. A Human Touch

You need to stop sending bulk emails and SMS. It is poor for building a good relationship. Instead, pick the phone and call, ask for their well-being and talk about the positive aspects of travel. Inform you customers about the world scenario and how travel is opening.

2. Profile Customers

These are stressful times but enough of that already! Convert the stress by utilizing your time for profiling customers. Sort them through birthdays, family details, hotel preferences, vacation types and seat preference. This will really help personalize your conversations.

3. Touch Points

Since you have sorted your customer base, it’s now time to build on the touch points or triggers. Connect with your clients on occasions – it could be a birthday or an anniversary, or even a festival. Whenever a customer wants to travel, they will triangulate around these trigger points for a leisure holiday.

4. The Follow-Up Formula

Customers who enquired last year in August about a destination might be interested this year and are a certain prospect. Follow-up as they might want to travel this year. Provide an incentive about the destination and connect!

5. Smart Feedback System

It is important to the business to receive constructive feedback. Let your customers know how a few lines about their experience can help your business and deem valuable in the near future.

Following the above will bring you positive results. As research shows that connecting with a customer is always fruitful in terms of building trust and relationships. Now, you know what you need to do in order to nurture a lead.

Importance of CRM for Travel Agents

With technology and a Travel CRM, you really can find some quality leads and information that will help you in personalizing your customer experience. Investing in the right technology today will help you with a 360-degree connectivity.

Imagine a module that can run campaigns, write emailers, build landing pages including dynamic pages and many such functions that usually require manpower. Only you don’t need to hire a huge workforce. Yes, that’s right! The platform has been designed to offer all the sales, marketing and invoicing solutions you need to operate a cost-effective travel operation.

All seems very unclear when seen from above. To identify the right potential, why not schedule a free live demo for the helloGTX module which not just welcomes every lead but sorts your day-to-day operations dramatically.

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