Top 10 B2B Travel CRM Agencies & Travel Distribution Platforms in India

B2B Travel CRM Agencies and travel distribution platforms play a significant role in the travel and tourism industry in India. These platforms facilitate business-to-business interactions and transactions between travel suppliers (such as airlines, hotels, tour operators) and Travel Agents.

B2B Travel Agencies and distribution platforms provide access to a diverse inventory of travel-related services, including flights, hotels, tours, transfers, and more. This enables travel agents to offer a comprehensive range of options to their customers.

These platforms streamline the booking process by aggregating multiple services into a single interface. This simplifies the workflow for travel agents, allowing them to easily search, compare, and book various travel components.

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10 Best B2B Travel Agencies & Travel Distribution Platforms in India:

Many B2B Travel Platforms allow travel agents to customize their user interface with their branding. This helps travel agents maintain a consistent brand identity and user experience for their customers.

Here is a list of the Best B2B Travel Agencies & Travel Distribution Platforms in India:

1. MakeMyTrip

MakeMyTrip is one of India’s leading online travel companies, providing a wide range of travel-related services and products to customers. It was founded in 2000 by Deep Kalra and has since grown to become a prominent player in the Indian travel industry.

MakeMyTrip offers a comprehensive platform where customers can plan, book, and manage various travel-related activities, including: Flight Bookings, Hotel Reservations, Holiday Packages, Bus and Train Bookings, Car Rentals, Travel Insurance, Visa and Passport Services, Activities and Experiences.With its exciting features it truly has one of the Best Travel CRM Software.

2. Yatra

Yatra is a well-known online travel agency based in India that offers a range of travel-related services to customers. provides a comprehensive platform where customers can search, compare, and book a variety of travel services, including: Flight Bookings, Hotel Reservations, Holiday Packages, Bus and Train Tickets, Car Rentals, Activities and Experiences, Travel Insurance, Visa and Passport Services.

3. Cleartrip

Cleartrip was an online travel company that provided travel booking services, including flight tickets, hotel reservations, train tickets, and holiday packages. It was founded in 2006 by Hrush Bhatt, Matthew Spacie, and Stuart Crighton. The company was headquartered in Mumbai, India.

Cleartrip’s Best Travel CRM offers a user-friendly interface that allows travelers to search and book various travel services seamlessly. The platform aims to simplify the travel booking process by providing a clutter-free and intuitive experience. It also offers features such as fare comparisons, real-time availability of flights and hotels, and customer reviews.

4. Goibibo

Goibibo is an Indian online travel booking platform that offers a range of travel-related services, including flight and bus ticket bookings, hotel reservations, car rentals, and holiday packages. It was founded in 2009 by Ashish Kashyap and is headquartered in Gurugram, India.

Goibibo Travel Software provides a user-friendly interface that allows travelers to search and book various travel services easily. The platform offers real-time information on flight and bus availability, hotel options, and prices. It also provides features such as fare comparisons, discounts, and deals to help users find the best possible options for their travel needs.

5. Ixigo

Ixigo is an Indian travel and hotel booking platform that offers a variety of services to help travelers plan and book their trips. It was founded in 2007 by Aloke Bajpai and Rajnish Kumar and is headquartered in Gurugram, India.

Ixigo provides a comprehensive platform that allows users to search and compare prices for flights, hotels, buses, trains, and other travel services. The platform aggregates information from various travel providers and presents it to users in a user-friendly interface, making it easier for travelers to find the best deals and options for their trips.

6. Tripsgateway

Tripsgateway is a travel website that provides informative travel guides, blog posts, and articles to inspire and educate travelers. Also, options to book tours, activities, etc to your desired destination, making it easier for travelers to get the best travel experience.

7. helloGTX

helloGTX is more than a CRM and offers explosive GROWTH. Its integrated tools help you to manage customers, invoicing, suppliers, leads, itineraries, websites, promotional mailers, landing pages, campaigns and more such things in few clicks.

The Travel CRM Portal is designed keeping a travel agency in mind from website to emailer to landing page to lead generation to lead allocation to itinerary creation to follow ups to sales & invoicing to voucher creation to repeat customers.

8. Tripjack

TripJack is one of India’s foremost B2B travel portals, constantly evolving and adding value in business by giving its distributors and agents the best technology, deals and a user-friendly platform to transact and achieve their own financial freedom

B2B Travel Portal Development Company in India to provide white label solution to travel agents, tour operators and travel distributors with best user-friendly platform.

9. Travel Boutique Online

Travel Boutique Online (TBO) TBO API Integration is an Indian Travel Technology Company that provides a B2B Travel Portal and booking platform for travel agents and travel agencies. It offers a range of travel-related services, including flight bookings, hotel reservations, tour packages, car rentals, and more, primarily catering to travel agents and businesses within the travel industry.

TBO operates a B2B portal that allows travel agents and agencies to access a wide variety of travel services and products. This portal provides a one-stop solution for travel agents to search and book flights, hotels, tours, and other travel-related services for their clients.

10. Riya Travel and Tours

Riya Travel & Tours is an Indian travel agency that offers a wide range of travel services and solutions. Established in 1980, Riya Travel has grown to become one of the leading travel companies in India.

Riya Travel CRM offers flight booking services for both domestic and international destinations. They help customers find the best flight deals and options based on their preferences and budget.

11. Thomas Cook India

Thomas Cook India was originally part of the global Thomas Cook Group, which was founded by Thomas Cook in the 19th century and is widely regarded as one of the pioneers of modern travel.

In India, Thomas Cook’s presence dates back to 1881 when it conducted its first escorted group tour from India to Europe. In 2012, Thomas Cook India was acquired by Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited, a Canada-based financial services company, and it became a part of Fairfax’s travel division.


B2B Travel Agencies and travel distribution platforms in India provide a range of benefits that enhance the capabilities of travel agents, improve customer experiences, and contribute to the growth of the travel industry. Get the Best Travel Portal Solutions!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is B2B travel platform?

A B2B Travel Platform is a business-to-business online platform or system that facilitates transactions and interactions between travel industry businesses, such as travel agencies, tour operators, hotels, airlines, car rental companies, and other travel service providers.

B2B stands for “business-to-business,” indicating that the platform caters to businesses rather than individual consumers.

2. What is B2B in travel industry?

“B2B” stands for “business-to-business” in the travel industry. It refers to transactions, interactions, and relationships between businesses within the travel sector. In a B2B context, one business provides products, services, or solutions to another business, rather than to individual consumers.

B2B interactions play a crucial role in the travel industry and involve various types of businesses collaborating and supporting each other to deliver comprehensive travel experiences to travelers.

3. How can you become a B2B travel agent in India?

Familiarize yourself with the travel industry, including trends, destinations, airline and hotel partnerships, and travel technology.

Register your business, decide on a suitable legal structure (e.g., sole proprietorship, partnership, private limited company) and register your business with the appropriate government authorities.

For becoming B2B travel agent in India obtain necessary licenses, check with local authorities for any licenses or permits required to operate a travel agency in your region.

Develop a comprehensive business plan outlining your target market, services you’ll offer, pricing strategy, and marketing approach.

Establish relationships with airlines, hotels, transportation companies, and other relevant travel service providers.

Attend travel industry events, trade shows, and networking functions to connect with potential partners and clients.

4. Which is the largest online travel agency in India?


5. Which is the India’s first online travel company?

Out of many Travel CRM Agencies, MakeMyTrip India’s first online travel company is “MakeMyTrip.” It was founded in the year 2000 by Deep Kalra and has since become one of the leading online travel agencies in India, offering a range of travel-related services including flight and hotel bookings, holiday packages, and more. MakeMyTrip played a significant role in shaping the online travel industry in India and has been a pioneer in the space.

6. How many online travel agencies are there in India?

Nearly 3 lakh travel companies are there in India.

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