5 Reasons Why You Need A Travel Website For Your Travel Business

If you start an investment of running a website for your travel business, then you can unlock an explosive growth potential. The days when one physically goes to a travel agent and books an itinerary are gone. If you are a travel agent with an office but also want to increase your revenue, then you are at the right place where helloGTX provides rapid Growth. Its integrated capabilities allow you to handle clients, leads, itineraries, invoicing, suppliers, websites, landing pages, promotional mailers, campaigns, and other items just a few clicks. Here we will explain the benefits and importance of travel website for your business’s excessive growth.

There are thousands of travel agents in a particular city aiming to achieve a common goal: Book Tickets and Packages. It is highly possible that an agent with an office in the same street as yours might be earning more but how?

With increasing dependence on technology, a website comes in handy for a variety of reasons. It could be anything from online promotion to increased branding and boosting your travel sales.

Here are a few problems with small travel agents face regularly:

i. The old-school belief that their customers are offline and hence a website is not required

ii. Competition with OTAs with huge marketing budget is not possible

iii. Why have a website which does not provide leads and/or business

And here is the counter argument. In the current scenario, the amount you spend on a website is easily recovered through client retention. With a website, you can make sure that your existing clients do not go elsewhere!

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need A Website For Your Travel Business Today Only

With a website, you can unlock so many benefits and opportunities to expand your business. Here are the top 5 reasons why you need a travel website:

1. Personalization Of Your Brand

A website will help you to speak to your audience anytime, anywhere. They can scroll through the pages, see what they like and find out what they need. Your potential customers can see your services, packages and itinerary without visiting your office. The website should offer deals, offers and possibly a booking option. Such an experience will help them engage with your brand and make them inquire about a trip that they possibly want to book.

2. Brand Credibility

Having a website these days means building a brand credibility, one that helps with branding. Suppose, a customer visits your website, books a package and has a positive experience. Such clients will obviously recommend your website to their contacts and the process goes on. In short, a website helps you build your brand and reach new customers quickly. It gives a certain authority over offline travel agents.

3. Boost Travel Sales

Perhaps, the most important reason for having a travel website is to increase the potential to earn revenue. While an office can give you, say, 30 bookings in a day, on average, a website operates freely on the internet. It could be highly possible that sales are 5 or 10 times more than your usual sales. Multiple packages can be booked by various users visiting your website.

4. The Follow-Up Formula

The best way to implement a travel website is to run blogs on it. A blog has multiple factors. It helps improve brand visibility, bring lots of traffic or potential customers and it is a great way to share industry knowledge. Perhaps, the travel industry has an update or maybe you are providing a new set of services – almost everything can be emitted through a blog.

5. Impact Visually

A website can showcase your website digitally. And the more features you add onto your website, the more impact it creates on your visitors mind. Using pictures, custom itineraries, animated videos – anything can be used to enhance the appeal of a website. Such enhancements lead to creation of a visual treat for your visitors and therefore help in visitor retention.

So, these were a few of many such features of a website. However, considering the current scenario in the travel industry, operating offline is going to be tough and sales would hit. A website can help you get the lost sales quickly. Moreover, having a website for your travel business leads to ease of access. The customer does not have to physically get out of the house to book a leisurely trip.

Website: Investment Strategy

Maintaining a website can be sometimes a costly affair. However, for travel agents in the times of coronavirus, cost is a priority factor. Which is why we have the perfect tool for you!

Welcome the helloGTX tool which comes preloaded with a bunch of features. So much so that you can run your travel business from home. This way, your investment for an office space reduces the burden on your finances.

Talking about the software, it comes with various features including but not limited to:

1. Responsive website creation

2. Managing travel leads and customers

3. Sorting large amount of customer data

4. Itinerary building facility

5. Invoicing and sales calculations

6. Campaign management and so on

These are some of the major benefits you can unlock by owning the helloGTX tool which is a product of Catabatic Technology Pvt. Ltd. The important thing to consider here is that the tool might be a single platform but it manages to efficiently reduce the workload by doing everything itself.

You do not have to spend money for maintaining a workforce. You don’t need a website development team or itinerary building team or a lead management team – helloGTX Travel CRM the tool is capable of managing these things itself.

Click if you looking to get your own Travel Website too.

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Sounds too good to be true? Why not schedule a free demo to see what all helloGTX can do. This is the Top Reasons Why You Need A Website For Your Travel Business, so you get the opportunity to experience the many features first-hand.

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