Integrate Travel Itinerary Builder Software: The Perfect Itinerary For Your Travel Business

Don’t you want your customers to enjoy the perfect vacation? With a detailed plan, schedule of activities, events, or destinations would give them a detail guide of how they can spend their vacation and is it worth the money. With an helloGTX’s Travel Portal Development or Itinerary Builder Software, you will be able to overcome all the hurdles of sharing the daily schedule with clients.
Integrate Travel Itinerary Builder Software allows you to Build Travel Itineraries, Cost Sheet, Share with Price Break up in a single flow & more with a single click.

Advantage of helloGTX Travel Itinerary Builder Software over others:

GTX Travel CRM offers a very unique feature where you get the itinerary and cost sheet prepared simultaneously while you are building the cost sheet or itinerary along with currency conversion as the system is linked with Currency API, Flight API etc.
For example: When you are creating an itinerary for Europe for 2 persons:
Select the hotel & update the price in sourcing currency with supplier name.
Transfer cost
Sightseeing cost for Private basis or on SIC (Seat In Coach) basis
Save the changes
By the time you complete your cost sheet, your itinerary gets prepared automatically.
Save & Share the Itinerary instantly through Email or PDF with your customers.
With helloGTX travel Itinerary Builder Software, you can create the Itinerary Cost Sheet by mentioning item name along with the cost & supplier.
So, this is where you can’t lack behind….
Without a Travel Agent Software, you are sure to be paralyzed in this competitive world. In short, it outlines the chronological order of planned events and provides information on locations, timings, price and any other relevant details.

The concept of itinerary:

An itinerary serves as a guide or roadmap, helping individuals or groups navigate their trip and make the most of their time in a particular place. Let Integrate Itinerary Builder Software which can help you create various types of travel itineraries, such as for vacations, business trips, or group tours with price break up, daily activities etc.

Key components of an itinerary include:

1. Destinations: It specifies the locations or cities to be visited during the trip, along with the duration of stay in each place.
2. Activities: It outlines the planned activities, attractions, or events to be experienced at each destination. This may include sightseeing, adventure sports, cultural experiences, dining, or shopping.
3. Timings: It includes the designated time slots or durations for each activity or event, allowing for efficient time management and scheduling.
4. Transportation: A Travel Agent Software that has Itinerary Builder Software provides details about transportation arrangements, such as flights, train journeys, car rentals, or public transportation options, necessary to travel between different locations.
5. Accommodation: It specifies the selected hotels, resorts, or accommodations where travelers will stay during their trip, including check-in and check-out dates.
6. Dining and Rest Breaks: It may include recommendations or reservations for meals and rest breaks throughout the day to ensure a well-balanced schedule.
7. Additional Information: It may include additional information such as contact details for tour operators or guides, emergency contacts, special requirements, or important notes related to the trip.
By having a well-planned itinerary, travelers can maximize their time, ensure they don’t miss out on important activities or attractions, and have a smoother overall travel experience. It helps to create a structured framework for the trip while allowing flexibility for spontaneous discoveries or adjustments along the way.

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The need of travel Itinerary Builder Software for travel sites

So, what is a travel Itinerary Builder Software?
helloGTX’s Travel Itinerary Software is a tool or application that helps individuals or travel companies create, manage, and organize travel itineraries. It allows users to efficiently plan and arrange various aspects of a trip, including flights, accommodations, transportation, activities, and more.
Travel Itinerary Software typically offers features such as:
1. Trip planning: Users can create and customize detailed itineraries, including destinations, dates, activities, and time slots.
2. Flight and accommodation booking: Itinerary Builder Software may integrate with airline and hotel booking systems, allowing users to search, compare, and book flights and accommodations within the platform.
3. Transportation management: It helps users arrange local transportation, such as car rentals, transfers, or public transportation options.
4. Activity and attraction suggestions: Itinerary Builder Software may provide recommendations for popular activities, attractions, and points of interest at the chosen destination.
5. Collaboration and sharing: Users can collaborate and share itineraries with fellow travelers, family, or colleagues, making it easier to coordinate plans and gather feedback.
6. Notifications and reminders: Itinerary Builder Software can send alerts and reminders for important travel dates, flight changes, or upcoming activities.
7. Maps and navigation: It may offer integrated maps and navigation features to help users navigate their destinations and locate specific points of interest.
8. Expense tracking: Some Itinerary Builder Software includes expense tracking features, allowing users to keep track of their travel expenses and budgets.
Travel agent software helps streamline the travel planning process, enhances organization and efficiency, and ensures that all necessary details are readily available. It can be used by individual travelers, travel agencies, or tour operators to create comprehensive and well-structured travel plans.

How to integrate itinerary builder software in your travel website?

Integrating Itinerary Builder into your travel website can enhance the user experience and provide valuable planning tools for your website visitors. Here are the general steps to integrate itinerary builder software into your travel website.
Choose suitable itinerary builder software:
1. Sign up and set up an account
2. Obtain API or integration documentation
3. Understand the integration process
4. Develop or hire a developer
5. Implement the integration
6. Test and troubleshoot
7. Customize and style
8. Launch and monitor

Why not choose helloGTX’s travel itinerary software?

Here’s a stepwise guide to Build Travel Itinerary with GTX Travel CRM and share with Component Pricing with your clients:
1. Build Travel Itineraries
2. Cost Sheet
3. Share with Price Break up in a single flow.

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Why helloGTX travel CRM?

helloGTX Travel CRM Software which is a product of Catabatic Technology Pvt. Ltd. is built especially for travel agencies to manage end-to-end business in one tool. Get Efficient Lead Management, Streamlined Operations, Reporting & Analytics, Automation & Time Savings, Improved Marketing Campaigns, No hidden costs & more.

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