4 Ways to Boost Your Online Travel Booking Sales with Our Travel Software

The days of travel slumping down are gone. It might very well be possible to assume that “the worst for the travel industry is behind.” But as things have already shaken up so much since the past 6 months, it is a must to address the most ongoing issue for travel agents which is “revenue”.

The new world or the “post-corona” world will need you to significantly shift your business strategies. You need to make up for the losses and you need to make up quickly.

“Technology is the campfire around which we tell our stories.”

* Laurie Anderson, American Artist

Here is the quote in a simplified form!

Lives are dependent on technology and technology has made the 21st century so interesting that our lives largely depend on it.

Coming back to our issue of “revenue-generation” in travel business – there might be thousands of ways to come back but there is 1 Extra-Ordinary SOLUTION.

All you need to do right now to solve your woes is to make the right technology decision! Similarly, there are multiple software in the market but hardly any will provide you with a consistent and long-term solution. And most importantly, a cost-effective solution.

Indeed, we are talking about a Travel Software which will help you boost your online travel booking sales without too much hassle.

The software is called “helloGTX”. Here are 3 great benefits of immediately acquiring this software:

  • Scales your business quickly
  • Get early-bird discounts
  • Hire 10 people at the cost of 1 (effective, isn’t it?)

The travel agency software has all the features required to assist an everyday travel agent to work smoothly without managing too much.

Are you ready to know the unique benefits? Let us now talk about 4 amazing ways to boost your online travel booking sales.

1. Creates a Free Website

You have the power to build a free website. The amazing software for travel agents has an in-built website builder. In short, one of the many benefits you get from adopting this software is to create a website. There are multiple templates to choose from which will grant you control over logo designs, dynamic pages and most importantly building itineraries for your customers.

2. Get Queries Directly

When a customer chooses your website to enquire about a package, it will directly show you the requirements. In a simpler format, this helps you get the queries directly onto your system or system-integrated email or phone number. You can therefore entertain the queries directly and gradually, sell your package.

3. Easy Data Management

While dealing with multiple customers, you are bound to hire agents to solve multiple customer data. But such has been addressed in this travel agency software. It has simple sorting options so you can manage lots of customer data quickly. This can help you deal with multiple customers querying about several packages. In short, it improves your productivity – thereby making a direct impact on sales.

4. The Follow-Up Formula

Another amazing way to boost your online travel sales is yet another great feature of the software. helloGTX can help you run multiple campaigns at once and the most effective of them is the “Lead Generation” campaign. Leads are the key to a successful business. Once you nurture and follow-up with a lead on a regular basis, you increase the chance of a conversion. In short, running a lead-generation campaign is going to directly give you valuable revenue-generating clients.

1 Tool, Many Solutions

This CRM or travel software offers you the potential to achieve explosive growth. Such is required at the time as we are coming out of a worldly crisis.

It’s a simple concept to counter the “no income – no earning problem!”

Which is why you will absolutely love the helloGTX module.

It has been specially designed keeping in mind the cost-cutting venture. It comes packed with unique travel technology provisions that assist you.

The features are vast and this is the time to supercharge your sales, marketing, and other services.

So, are you ready to make a smart decision? Would you like to start or restart your travel business?

While this travel technology software is capable of doing so many things, listing all of them out is a little impossible. To unlock this amazing tool, you can schedule a free demo here.

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