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In today’s competitive travel industry, crafting compelling itineraries is no longer optional. It’s a powerful tool to showcase your expertise, win over clients, and set the stage for unforgettable adventures. This is where helloGTX’s Itinerary Builder Software steps in. It empowers travel professionals to create stunning and dynamic itineraries that go beyond basic lists, transforming them into captivating narratives that inspire and inform.

Features of helloGTX’s Itinerary Builder Software

Effortless Tour Itinerary Builder:

Ditch the time-consuming process of copying and pasting! helloGTX’s user-friendly interface allows you to build personalized day-by-day itineraries within minutes. Drag, drop, and organize elements with ease, focusing on crafting exceptional experiences rather than wrestling with software.

Advanced Travel Itinerary Builder Software:

helloGTX is more than just a template filler. It’s a comprehensive Travel Itinerary Builder software that empowers customization. Design bespoke multi-destination itineraries tailored to each client’s unique desires, interests, and travel style.

Easy to Build Itineraries with Rich Content:

The days of ordinary itineraries are long gone. Creating captivating and informative itineraries has been made easier by helloGTX.

Add Services from Your Inventory: 

Effortlessly search and add essential services like flights, accommodation, transportation, and activities directly to your itinerary. No more switching between platforms or manually copying information.

Your Own Content: 

Plan out the specifics of each day’s travel, lodging, flights, transportation, and activities. With helloGTX’s multi-language support, you can develop itineraries that are full of details and descriptions, appealing to a worldwide audience.

Customize Itinerary to Wow Your Customers:

Imagine sending itineraries that don’t just inform, but truly inspire. helloGTX lets you create interactive and content-rich itineraries that will leave a lasting impression:

i. Wow Factor Included: Showcase destinations with captivating images and detailed descriptions.

ii. Multiple Sharing Options: Share your itineraries seamlessly via email, web links, or downloadable PDFs

Optional Feature: Offline Itinerary App

Enhance the client experience even further with helloGTX’s optional mobile itinerary app. This app allows clients to:

i. Offline Itinerary Access: View their itinerary offline, even without an internet connection, ensuring they have all the trip details readily available.

ii. Trip Information & Documents: Access essential trip information and manage travel documents – all on their smartphones.

Tour Itinerary Builder | Itinerary Builder Software

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a Tour Itinerary Builder?

Ans: A tour itinerary builder is a software tool that helps travel professionals create detailed plans outlining a trip’s schedule, including destinations, activities, accommodation, transportation, and other essential information.

Q. What is Itinerary Builder Software?

Ans: Itinerary Builder Software is a more comprehensive term encompassing the features and functionalities of a Tour Itinerary Builder, often including additional capabilities like customization, inventory management, and client communication tools.

Q. Is helloGTX easy to use for building itineraries?

Ans: Absolutely! helloGTX’s user-friendly interface is designed for ease of use, allowing you to build itineraries quickly, even if you’re not tech-savvy.

Q. Does helloGTX online travel itinerary software provide a feature to add or define day-level descriptions?

Ans: Yes, helloGTX Features at a Glance:

Explore the full range of features offered by helloGTX’s Itinerary Builder Software, including:

i. Effortless Itinerary Creation

ii. In-depth Customization Options

iii. Integrated Inventory Management

iv. Predefined Package Creation

v. Multi-lingual Content Support

vi. Interactive and Content-Rich Itineraries

vii. Multiple Sharing Options (Email, WhatsApp, Web Link, PDF)

viii. Optional Offline Mobile App Access

Q. Can I customize itineraries with helloGTX?

Ans: Customization is a core strength of helloGTX. Design bespoke itineraries tailored to each client’s specific needs and preferences.

Q. Can I add descriptions and details to my itineraries?

Ans: Yes! helloGTX allows you to incorporate rich content, including descriptions, day-by-day plans, and even images for each element of your itinerary.

Q. Can I integrate my existing travel inventory with helloGTX?

Ans: Yes! Search and add essential services like flights, accommodation, transportation, and activities directly from your inventory within helloGTX.

Q. Can I add my own content and descriptions to the itinerary?

Ans: Absolutely! helloGTX empowers you to personalize itineraries with your own content, descriptions, and branding.

Q. How can I share itineraries with my clients?

Ans: helloGTX offers multiple sharing options: email, web links, or downloadable PDFs. Choose the method that best suits your needs and client preferences.

Q. Does helloGTX offer a mobile app for clients?

Ans: helloGTX offers an optional mobile itinerary app that your clients can download to view their itinerary offline and access trip information on their smartphones.

Q. Is the mobile itinerary app included with helloGTX?

Ans: The mobile itinerary app is an optional add-on, so there’s an additional cost involved.

Q. What advantages does helloGTX offer as a product of Catabatic?

Ans: Being a product of Catabatic Technology, helloGTX inherits several advantages that set it apart in the travel technology landscape. These include access to Catabatic’s extensive resources, including its team of experienced developers and industry experts. Additionally, GTX benefits from Catabatic’s reputation for innovation and excellence, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of technological advancements in the travel industry. By leveraging Catabatic’s expertise and resources, helloGTX is able to provide a reliable, feature-rich platform that helps travel agencies and tour operators optimize their operations and deliver exceptional experiences to their clients.

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