Better Outcome & Customer Engagement with IVR Integrated GTX Travel CRM

helloGTX Travel CRM Unique Features to Empower Your Travel Agency Perform More with Less Efforts:

At helloGTX Travel CRM, we understand the importance of seamless communication in the travel industry. Our CRM Solution offers a robust integration of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and a convenient Click-to-Call feature within the CRM interface, providing IVR Integrated GTX Travel CRM to the travel agents with a comprehensive set of tools to enhance customer interactions and streamline workflow with no mistakes.

Key Features & Advantages Of IVR Integration with Travel CRM:

1. Call Quality Monitoring:

helloGTX Travel CRM’s Integrated IVR system allows you to monitor the quality of calls made by your sales team. This feature ensures that customer conversations are of the highest standard and enables easy reference in case of any misunderstandings about commitments made during a call.

2. Call Tracking for Lead Management:

helloGTX Travel CRM helps you track all incoming calls, outgoing calls along with missed incoming calls. This feature is instrumental in identifying potential leads that may have been missed. By promptly responding to missed calls, you can convert them into queries and, ultimately, into satisfied paying customers.

3. Departmental Routing and Welcome Messages:

Customize the customer experience with a personalized welcome message and the option for customers to choose the department they wish to contact, such as sales, operations, or accounts. Our IVR system ensures that calls are efficiently routed to the right department, improving response times and overall customer satisfaction.

4. History Tracking for Seamless Customer Service:

When a call is transferred to the respective department, our Best CRM System empowers staff to track the complete history of the client with their contact number or email ID. This includes details such as quotations, bookings, vouchers, customer passport and other information including account information like total outstanding amount and so on. Having this comprehensive view enhances the efficiency of customer service and contributes to a more personalized experience to your customers.

5. Click to Call Feature:

The integrated IVR and Click-to-Call features contribute to a streamlined communication with client and saves time to your sales team in finding, dialing the number and more importantly all the recordings are saved with the respective lead.

6. Work from Home and Employee Performance:

In the post-COVID era, many companies have shifted to a Work from Home (WFH) setup, posing challenges in monitoring work and customer calls. This shift has resulted in lead loss and diminished employee performance due to the lack of guidance. The implementation of an IVR system is a valuable solution for business owners and team leads. It enables constant monitoring of call quality, allowing for guidance to improve performance.

Best Travel CRM with IVR

GTX Travel CRM goes beyond call monitoring; it aids the operations team in referencing customer conversations to tailor itineraries based on customer preferences as all calls are linked with the customer lead and quotation which helps easy reference for the operations team. This feature ensures seamless communication between customers and sales staff, preventing potential disputes that may arise due to communication gaps at a later stage. The system acts as a crucial tool in maintaining operational efficiency and customer satisfaction, especially in a remote work environment.

7. Customer Disputes:

Addressing customer disputes arising from miscommunication in holiday and visa sales is a significant challenge that can lead to customer dissatisfaction and business loss. The stakes are high, especially when it comes to potential long-term customer relationships, which can be jeopardized by trust issues.

The IVR-powered helloGTX Travel CRM System emerges as a robust solution to mitigate this risk. By leveraging the system, operators and finance teams can seamlessly refer to call recordings while serving clients. This functionality proves invaluable in resolving disputes, as the recorded conversations serve as a reliable reference point. In cases of disagreement or confusion, these call recordings become a concrete source of information, aiding in clarifying issues and rebuilding trust with the customer. The helloGTX Travel CRM System thus acts as a proactive measure to ensure transparency, enhance customer satisfaction, and preserve vital client relationships.

To be Concluding

helloGTX’s Best Travel CRM with IVR is committed to elevating your customer engagement strategies by providing innovative features that empower your team and enhance customer satisfaction. Experience the difference between our IVR Integrated GTX Travel CRM and Click-to-Call solution.

When we talk about helloGTX, please check basic information about GTX CRM before trusting. It is a part of Catabatic Technology and they specializes in developing travel software solutions, helloGTX and tripsgateway is their flagship products.

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