Unleash the Power of GTX Travel CRM’s Itinerary Builder

Transform Your Travel Planning Process with GTX Travel CRM’s Innovative Itinerary Builder Software

In the dynamic world of travel agency operations, crafting the perfect Itinerary Builder Software is not just a task; it’s an essential art that consumes nearly half of the time and resources of skilled personnel.

The significance of itineraries extends across various facets of the travel business:

1. Website
2. Emailers
3. Landing Pages
4. For Customers

Consider the repetitive nature of creating itineraries for any destinations, such as Dubai Tour and Abu Dhabi in the UAE. While the core elements like hotels, sightseeing activities, travel dates, and the number of travelers may vary the fundamental structure often remains consistent like no. of days will remain mostly between 3 to 5 days so the sightseeing depending upon these days travel agents did this job for each new customer or website or landing pages and emailers. This repetition leads to a significant drain on operational efficiency, contributing to increased costs for travel agencies.

Multiply your profits with the industry-first feature in hello GTX Travel CRM:

helloGTX Travel CRM offers innovative tools that emerge as a game-changer in this scenario being the Industry’s First and only the Best Travel CRM, offering an efficient tool for designing itineraries with a powerful mechanism for reusing existing ones. This innovation allows travel agencies to utilize the same itinerary across multiple platforms, including websites, emailers, landing pages, and client interactions.

Before reading further, consider these lead journeys and numbers:

Client’s Query while sending Itineraries
How GTX Travel CRM’s Innovative Itinerary Builder can solve your all queries in few seconds.

Key Features of helloGTX Itinerary Builder:

Easy to use Interface:

helloGTX Travel CRM offers multiple Itinerary Builder options to build itineraries depending upon your company’s requirements, itinerary & destinations opted for.

1. Master Itineraries with Pricing:

a. Readymade:

-Create your own master itineraries that users can select based on common travel plans or popular destinations.

-Engage your client instantly by offering them master itinerary and start building it for them.

-System also allows you to publish this itinerary on website.

b. Dynamic:

-Provides flexibility for users to tailor the itinerary to their needs.

-Allows travelers to select their own sightseeing, hotels and transfers from prepopulated options.

-System also allows you to publish this itinerary on website.

2. Customized Itineraries:

We understand most of the travel agencies are into customizedtrip planning and need to build custom itineraries keeping the travelers’ requirements in mind.

GTX Travel Itinerary Builder tool helps to design custom itineraries in multiple ways:

a. Edit Master Itinerary:

-Allows travel agents to customize pre-existing master itineraries, tailoring them to specific preferences or requirements.

-Offers a balance between efficiency and personalization.

b. Create a Quick Custom itineraries with/without Cost Sheet:

GTX CRM enables travel agencies to build custom itineraries from scratch for both self-sourced itineraries where you source each component from different suppliers in different currencies or source it from a single supplier where you do need not to enter individual costing. Our Itinerary builder Tool allows you to enter rates in any currency and the system automatically converts these currencies into your base currency.

-This is Ideal for users who need a fast and straightforward itinerary creation process.

c. Reuse Existing Custom Itinerary:

GTX Travel CRM Itinerary Builder provides the option to reuse previously created custom itineraries, saving time on repetitive planning.

-Helpful for users who have recurring travel plans or similar trip structures.

Instant Customer Engagement:

GTX Travel CRM-powered Master itineraries empower travel agencies to promptly share the first quotation with clients the moment a query is initiated. This immediate response not only captivates the travelers’ attention but also initiates instant discussions about the shared itinerary hence increasing the chance of sales conversion. The efficiency of this process not only enhances customer engagement but also optimizes staff time and cost by effectively qualifying genuine prospects.

Multi-channel Deployment:

GTX Travel CRM enables seamless deployment of itineraries across various channels, ensuring consistency in information. Whether it’s showcasing the itinerary on the website, incorporating it into marketing emails, or using it for landing pages, the CRM streamlines the process.

Reuse and Edit Functionality:

Travel agencies can leverage the CRM’s Itinerary builder to reuse existing templates, saving time and resources. The ability to edit itineraries for specific clients without altering the master template ensures flexibility and personalization.

Pre-populated Content:

The itinerary builder tool comes equipped with pre-populated content for popular sightseeing spots and hotel information. Additionally, users can access flight and hotel information through APIs, streamlining the process of building comprehensive and attractive itineraries.

Efficient Payment Integration:

helloGTX goes a step further by integrating payment gateways directly within the itinerary. This eliminates the need for separate communication for payment, providing a seamless experience for clients who confirm their itinerary.


Enhancing Efficiency, Reducing Costs

In a competitive travel industry landscape, the helloGTX Travel CRM’s Itinerary Builder stands out as a valuable asset. Simplifying the itinerary creation and management process. It not only enhances operational efficiency but also significantly reduces the operational costs associated with repetitive tasks. Embrace innovation, streamline your workflow, and elevate customer experiences with helloGTX Travel CRM.

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